About Us

Beautiful, cosmopolitan, reliable: Hamburg

Hamburg, one of the world's largest trading centers for hand-knotted rugs, is the home of M2R. This city with its cosmopolitan character, nordic clarity and a high demand for design, quality and reliability, has a great influence on what makes M2R stand out and is reflected in the M2R collections. Hamburg is the ideal hub to reach out into the world with M2R.

Design on an international level: The cooperation with Sebastian Herkner

The cooperation with Sebastian Herkner is based on a long personal acquaintance and the constant professional exchange with Marcel Müller. Both appreciate the use of old craft techniques and the use of the highest quality materials to create modern classics. Sebastian Herkner's visionary creations and Marcel Müller's profound manufacturing expertise result in the unmistakable M2R signature in design and materiality.

Bold, fresh, wild: the cooperation with Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua is a social project that helps to sustainably improve the living conditions of many people in the developing countries. To fund these projects, Viva con Agua created the Millerntor Gallery for modern art in Hamburg which has been a very special success story for many years and is now part of the established cultural agenda. With some of the Millerntor Gallery's best artists, an M2R collection has now been created to bring art to the floor. A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be funded to Viva con Agua projects.

Always open: The M2R Showroom

The M2R showroom in the heart of Hamburg is the company's creative headquarter. This is where ideas are turned into designs. This is where colours and materials are carefully selected and coordinated. This is where test samples are examined and optimized until the result meets M2R's high standards. And this is where every single rug is tested for quality before it is send out into the world. However, our showroom is also open to customers, partners and friends from all over the world. Come by and let us show you the latest creations!

Art to touch: Our rugs are companions

M2R rugs are art and design to use. Unlike a painting on the wall, you can and should walk on them, lie on them and touch them. Our carpets are islands of tranquility but also bold, fresh and pop statements that stand out. So they are both: being an everyday companion and unique art. A work of art which quality you can feel on your feet.

The best from far worlds: Production in Nepal and India

All M2R rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal and India. Several times a year Marcel Müller visits his production sites and finds inspiration in the exchange about the centuries-old techniques of rug knotting, the use of different materials and the creation of new colours. This very personal exchange is as important for the development of a collection as the creation of the designs.

There is still much to be done: Fair trade in rug manufacturing too!

The M2R collection is fair trade certified by the Swiss label STEP which has been developing better working conditions in the countries of origin of hand-knotted rugs for more than 25 years. For this purpose, high standards have been developed and verified independently by own employees on site. Marcel Müller is in constant exchange with STEP to discuss suggestions for improvement, for example to improve medical care or to give the weavers the opportunity to live with their families in the country side.

Setting new standards: Sustainability must not be an empty word.

For Marcel Müller sustainability goes beyond the concept of climate neutrality. M2R meets the new standards through handmade production, the use of renewable, natural raw materials and CO2 compensation. However, it is also important for M2R to sustainably improve the living conditions of the weavers in the production countries Nepal and India in particular. The joint collection with Viva con Agua, which helps to finance drinking water projects in Nepal and India, is one approach here. Another approach is the close cooperation with the fair trade label STEP.
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