About Daniel Hörner

For Hamburg-based artist Daniel Hörner, the power of his painting lies in the beauty of the supposedly imperfect structure and the failure of the perfect moment. Paint, consisting of beeswax, petroleum jelly, linseed oil and pigments, is smeared in relief onto the picture supports and distributed seemingly anarchically through scratches and gestures. In the process, repetitions, altered and distorted by small disturbances, become key elements of his paintings. Rules are broken in a calculated way, leading to restlessness and ever new variations. The images begin to take on a strong life of their own.
Daniel Hörner (*1978, Stuttgart) studied at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel with Prof. Ludger Gerdes and Jürgen Partenheimer. He is represented in various exhibitions and private art collections, including the collection of the Stadtgalerie Kiel, the Bundeskunstsammlung, the Falckenberg Collection or the collection of the Sparkassenstiftung Schleswig-Holstein.

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