About Astor Milan Salcedo

The work of Spanish-Colombian artist, photographer, documentary filmmaker, and storyteller Astor Milan Salcedo is informed by his interest in historical and political events and inspired by nature, music, and the people and places he encounters in his travels. Salcedo tirelessly strives for a balance of body, mind and spirit. His art is emblematic of this quest. His works bear witness to human struggle in the moments when this balance is out of kilter.
His rug, for example, is from the 777 series, a lucky number for Salcedo, and was created during the Corona lockdown, when he realized how fortunate he was to be able to practice his craft even in such difficult times.
Salcedo describes Viva con Aqua as one of the most exciting projects he has had the privilege of working on in recent years, saying, “The fight for water is a dangerous task that we face as a society. Viva con Agua has taken up this challenge. I support the project with everything I can contribute“.

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