Algarve Afternoon
About Lerke Nennemann

Lerke Nennemann lives and works in Hamburg. In her art inspired by abstract expressionism, she explores dynamic relationships of shapes, colors, proportions and structures and processes feelings and life experiences. Her works consist of abstract paintings on large canvases and smaller studies on paper. Some works are planned and conceived down to the last detail, others are created impulsively, leaving room for spontaneity and chance.
“Algarve Afternoon” is inspired by the caves in Portugal’s Algarve region with their ceiling openings and the resulting play of light and shadow. “North” is part of a color study series reminiscent of Scandinavian home styles.
Of her involvement with Viva con Agua, Nennemann says, “As a native of Hamburg, I was a regular at the Millerntor Gallery and thought I would like to exhibit here one day. In 2019, I spontaneously applied and was accepted. In the meantime, it has become a matter of the heart for me to support Viva con Agua and its mission. Water is a human right!”

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